In this post, I’ll explain to you that how can you enable root user in macOS. As we already know that macOs is Unix like Operating System, enabling root user in this OS will give you more power to perform any kinds of stuff.

If you need to move files from another user on your Mac or do system-level fixes, your admin account will quickly run out of juice. This is why, like its UNIX brethren before it, your Mac has an account named “root” that can do just about anything.

Steps to Enable root user in MacOs X

Step 1:- Click on Apple logo on the Left upper corner and select System Preferences

enable root user in macOS

Step 2:- Now click on User and Groups from the System Preferences

enable root user in macOS

Step 3:- After that Follow the Instruction to gain the Access by entering the Administrator Password

enable root user in macOS

First click on the  icon and Enter your password to gain Access for modifications. Now click on Login options and then click on Join

Step 4:- After that, Click on Open Directory Utility

enable root user in macOS

Step 5:- After step 4, Directory Utility will be opened. Then click on Enable root user form the Directory Utility Dashboard

enable root user in macOS

Step 6:- Now set the password for your root user whatever you want

enable root user in macOS

So after you have entered the password for the root user, you can access the root user via terminal.

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