In this post, I’ll explain to you that how can you get Free SSL certificate using Cloudflare. This post contains all the steps to Install an SSL certificate for your website. There are lots of benefits of having an SSL certificate for a website. Some of them are

  • Boost SEO Ranking
  • Improves Visitor’s trust
  • Encrypted Information

But to avail all of these, You have to Pay about $5-10/month. But in this post, I’ll guide you to Get Free SLL certificate for your Website in free. So follow all the instructions carefully.

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Steps to Install Free SSL Certificate

Step 1:- First of all, visit and complete the signup process. as I have already done that, so proceed further

Step 2:- Click on add site and enter your site URL as

Free SSL certificate

Step 3:- Now click on Next and select your plan as Free and click on confirm plan as

Free SSL certificate

Step 4:- Now click on Purchase Button and continue. It will display some DNS records, simply click Continue and proceed further

Free SSL certificate

Step 5:- It will now display to change the NameServers of your Domain as

Free SSL certificate

Now in the next step, I’ll guide you to change the nameservers of your Domain

Note:- In my case, I’m using Godaddy. In yours, there may be a different Domain registrar but the procedure will be approximately same

Steps to Change NameServers

Step 1:-  Login to Your Godaddy account and Select My products

Free SSL certificate

Step 2:- Now click on DNS as follows

Free SSL certificate

Step 3:- Now scroll down the page and click on Change NameServers

Step 4:- Now click on custom from Dropdown and paste the Name of both Cloudflare NameServers as

Free SSL certificate

Step 5:- Please Wait some time for NameServer to be updated

It usualyy takes less than 15 min in the NameServers propagation. But in some case, it may takes longer than usual. So please keep patience untill the NameServers propagation

Final Steps to Install SSL to the website

Step 1:- Now when the status changes to Active, it means that Your Nameserver has been propagated.

Free SSL certificate

Step 2:- Now select Crypto option from Cloudflare dashboard as

Step 3:- Now click on SSL and set it to Full from the drop-down menu as

Free SSL certificate

Step 4:- Now scroll down the page and On the following two

  • Always use HTTPS

  • Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Enabling both will convert your Website to https. It means that when any one will type your url (in my case its which is by default http:// it will automatically redirect your website to https://. 

Free SSL certificate

Now you have successfully installed SSL certificate to your website for free. Good news is that it will renew automatically without any cost.

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