Hello guys, In this Post I will explain the step by step by step procedure to Install raspbian on your Raspberry Pi SD card. Raspbian is a Debian based Computer Operating system for Raspberry Pi. There are several versions of Raspbian including Raspbian Stretch and Raspbian Jessie. Since 2015 it has been officially provided by the Raspberry Pi Foundation as the primary operating system for the family of Raspberry Pi single-board computers.

Tools Required to Install Raspbian OS

  • Class 10 SD Card (minimum 16 GB recommended)
  • A Card reader
  • Etcher Software (Download here)
  • Raspberry Pi Image file (Download here)
  • PuTTY Software to Get SSH Access for Windows users (Download here)

Steps to Install Raspbian to Your Raspberry Pi SD Card

Step 1: Download the Etcher software and Open it in Your Computer

Step 2: Select Your Raspberry Pi image file  as

install raspbian

Step 3: Now Select the Drive path and then Click on Flash to Start Process

install raspbian

Step 4: Now wait till the image is being flashed in your Raspberry pi SD Card

Now the Raspbian has been flashed into Your Raspberry Pi SD Card. The Next Step is to Enable SSH so that we can take the Remote Access of the Raspberry Pi

Steps to Enable SSH in your Raspberry Pi (for Mac users)

Step 1: Open your text editor and create a blank text file, name it ssh and save it to your Raspberry Pi SD Card Location as

install raspbian

Step 2: Now we have to remove the extension of that file so that we can make it executable. For that, Click on ssh and then Click on Get info

install raspbian

Step 3: In Name and Extension section, remove the extension of the shh file so that it can be executable as

install raspbian

Steps to Enable SSH in Raspberry Pi (for Windows users)

Step 1:  Open notepad and Create a blank text file and save it to your Raspberry Pi SD card location

install raspbian

Step 2:  Now check the File name extension, to show the extension of the file Directly

install raspbian

Step 3: Now click on ssh file, and remove the extension of the File and leave it blank

install raspbian

Steps to Connect Your Raspberry Pi using SSH

Step 1: Connect your raspberry pi  with your Router using LAN cable

Your Computer and the Raspberry Pi must be on Same Network

Step 2: Now login to your Roter admin panel and Copy the IP Address of the Raspberry Pi. In my Case, IP address of my Raspberry Pi is

Step 3: Open Terminal and then type the following command. Replace the IP address with your Raspberry Pi IP

ssh [email protected]

Step 3: Now enter the Password for SSH access. The default password is raspberry

Windows users can use the PuTTY software for SSH Access.

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