So in this post, I’ll be explaining to you that how can you install the LAZY Script in Kali Linux. LAZY Script in an open source tool which is a collection of many tools. This script automates many wifi hacking methods. You can use many tools like Anonsurf, aircrack-ng with just a click. You just have to select the options and this script will do the rest. You can check the project here. So let’s start the installation steps of this Script.

Steps to Install LAZY Script in Kali Linux

Step 1:  The first step is to clone the LAZY Script directory to your Kali Machine. for that run the following command

cd Desktop
git clone

Step 2: In this step, change your working directory to the script directory and then grant the executable permission to file as

cd lscript
chmod +x

Step 3: Now once the executable permission is granted, you can start the installation by the following command


Step 4: Once the installation is completed, you can run this script by typing l (small L) into the terminal. This will directly launch the script

Steps to install any tool using LAZY script

so there are some popular tool can be found in LAZY Script. You just have to type install and this script will install that tools itself. so in my case, will be explaining to you that how can you install any tool using this Script.

Step 1: type l(small L) in the terminal to launch the script. after that, you can see as

LAZY Script

Step 2: Now choose 9, and hit enter. you can see that, there are many tools divided by their category. so you can choose as per your requirement. so in my case, I’ll go with information gathering

Step 3: in the information gathering section, you can find many tools available. In my case, I’ll install Sniper tool

LAZY Script

Step 4: type install and the rest will be done by the script.

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