According to a report, Facebook has 2.32 billion monthly active users worldwide which a huge amount. So when the term Information gathering of a person comes in mind of hackers, Facebook is the first target for the hackers.

Most of the Facebook user doesn’t care about their privacy and they keep their Email id, phone number Public. That may be a Golden chance for Hackers to gain the Email and Phone Number of the Target.

In this post, we will be doing the same. We will talk about a tool OSIF(Open Source Information Facebook), an open source tool written in Python by Ciku370

So let’s start the Installation of the tool in Kali Linux

Disclaimer: My dear visitors, this article is only for the sake of education, please do not misuse all the guide given below this may cause some actions on you. if this happens then this blog will not be responsible for that 

Steps Install OSIF in Kali Linux

Step 1: Open terminal, change directory to Desktop and then clone the tool on Your Desktop using the following commands

cd Desktop/
git clone

Step 2: Now we need to change the directory to OSIF folder so that we can execute the script, do that by the following command

cd OSIF/

Step 3: In the OSIF folder, you can see a script named which will launch the tool. But before doing that, we have to fulfill some requirements, for that hit the following command 

pip install -r requirements.txt

Step 4: Now after the completion of step 3, we are now ready to launch the OSIF tool, launch the tool by the following command


Step 5: Now we have launched the tool, to get the option available in the tool type help in the terminal and hit enter and you see lots of option available

osif kali linux

Step 6: To use the option of the tool, we need to login with our Facebook account to access the Friend List. for that, type token in the terminal and hit enter. This command will generate an access token for your account


osif kali linux

Step 7: Again launch the tool by python ./ command and then type help in the terminal to get the option. We will try to extract the email of our friends, you can do that by the following command


osif kali linux

Step 8: You can also extract the profile of Your friend by the command, then enter the name of your friend


So these are the very sensitive information and we can’t display that here. Never use this information for illegal purposes.

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