Hello friends, In this series of Raspberry Pi Post, I’ll guide you to how can you turn your as a Full-time torrent Machine. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing communication protocol used to share data over the Internet. The most popular BitTorrent clients are µTorrent, which is very famous among Windows and Mac users. If you are a Raspberry Pi user and want to turn Your Raspberry Pi into an always-on low power Torrent Machine then follow each and every step.

What You Need for this Tutorial

  • Your Raspberry Pi must have Raspbian OS (Read here)
  • Raspberry Pi must be on the Same Network to use the VNC server

Steps to Install VNC server on Your Raspberry Pi

Step 1: If you are Windows user, use PuTTY to connect to Your Raspberry Pi via SSH

Step 2: For Mac and Linux users, Open terminal and  type the following command to connect to Your Raspberry Pi via SSH (Replace Your username and IP with Your own)

ssh pi@

Step 3: Now type the following command to update and upgrade all Packages of Raspberry Pi to the latest version

sudo apt-get update –y
sudo apt-get upgrade –y

Step 4: Install TightVNC server by the following command

sudo apt-get install tightvncserver

Step 5: Once TightVNC server installation is done, type the command to Start the TightVNC server

vncserver :1

Step 6: Now set the password for your VNC server account

Step 7: Download VNC Viewer for your desired OS from here

Step 8: Open VNC viewer and type the following address to control Your Raspberry Pi remotely

Here is IP address of your Raspberry Pi and :1 is port number on which we are running the VNC Server

Steps to Install Torrent Client on Your Raspberry Pi

For our Raspberry Pi, we will use Deluge software, an Open source BitTorrent client written in Python Programming Language. follow the below steps to configure Deluge

Step 1: Open terminal and type the following command to Install Deluge

sudo apt-get install deluge
sudo apt-get install deluge-console

Step 2: Now type the following command to start the Deluge BitTorrent client

sudo service deluged start

Step 3: Open Raspberry Pi screen in VNC Viewer, Open terminal and type deluge to start Deluge software

Raspberry Pi torrent Machine

Step 4: To set up the desired download location, we need to modify some settings of Deluge. For this click on Edit > Preferences

Raspberry Pi torrent Machine

Step 5: Now click on the Download to modify the location of Your Download Files

Raspberry Pi torrent Machine

For the uninterrupted downloading, use a external Hard-disk and select the location of Hard-disk in step 5

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