hello guys, In this post, I’ll explain to you that what is Aadhar Virtual ID(VID) and how can you use VID instead of your real Aadhar no. So if you worried about your 12-digit Aadhar number or you think that your data might be misused or stolen. Then there is a solution to this problem which known as Aadhar Virtual id(VID). You can use anywhere this VID instead of your real 12-digit Aadhar ID.

What is VID?

The VID is a temporary, revocable 16-digit random number mapped with the Aadhaar number. The UIDAI, in a statement issued in January, said that one’s Aadhaar number cannot be derived from the VID that is generated. The virtual ID can be used for the purpose of authentication in the same way the Aadhaar number is used. Currently, VID can be generated on UIDAI’s resident portal. According to the UIDAI statement, various entities will have to migrate to the new system where they can accept the VID for the authentication.

Since this is a digital ID, Aadhaar holders can regenerate it multiple times, which makes it safer than providing your actual Aadhaar number. At present, the VID is valid for a minimum of one day, which means an Aadhaar holder would be able to re-generate a new VID a day after he has generated the first one. Further, there is no expiry period defined yet for the VID and it will be valid till the time a new one is generated by you.


How to generate Aadhar VID on UIDAI portal?

Step 1: Goto VID generator on UIDAI homepage and then click on Virtual ID(VID) Generator

what is Aadhar Virtual ID

Step 2: Now enter Your 12-digit Aadhar number, captcha and OTP received on your mobile number

what is Aadhar Virtual ID

There are two option. First one is Generate VID and second is Retrive VID, If you are trying to generate new VID then click on Generate VID and if you have already generated VID, You check Retrieve VID

Step 3: After entering Valid OTP, your VID will be generated and will be sent to Mobile number which is registered with Aadhar

what is Aadhar Virtual ID

After a min, You will receive your Virtual ID(VID) on your mobile number through SMS

what is Aadhar Virtual ID

So we have successfully generated Virtual ID and can be used instead of your 12-digit Aadhar ID

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