So in this post, I’ll explain you a simple trick to How to watch India vs Australia live Match for free. You need only THOPTV app for this live streaming. This app is available for Android, Windows, Linux and Mac users. so let’s start

THOPTV Download Links

1. For Android users, download here

2. Windows users, download here

3. Linux users, download here

4. Mac user, download here

Steps to watch ICC Match for Android users

Step 1: Click on the download Link and then download the THOPTV app as

Step 2: Now install the THOPTV app in your Android phone as

Step 3: Now open the THOPTV app and click on world cup sports Live as

Step 4: Now Open the THOPTV app and click on India vs Australia to watch the live match

Note: You can watch all the Match of ICC world cup using this app. Follow the same steps to install this app in Windows, Mac and Linux

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