Hello folks, in this post I’m again back with another much powerful framework that can be used to automate the most common tool used by the hackers during an attack. Its a penetration testing framework that contains all the requires tool for a hacker. It Includes all the tools used in Mr. Robot series.

Steps to Install Fsociety In Kali Linux

Step 1: To install this tool in your Kali Machine, open terminal and execute the following command to clone this tool

git clone https://github.com/Manisso/fsociety.git

Step 2: Now wait for few seconds till the tool is being downloaded. Then enter the following command to provide the executable permission to its installation file

chmod +x  install.sh

Step 3: Now run this by executing the following command in terminal


Now we will see some of the features provided by this tool

Information Gathering

According to the owasp, the first phase in security assessment is focused on collecting as much information as possible about a target application. Information Gathering is the most critical step of an application security test. So by using this tool, we can collect more information about our target.

Install fsociety in kali linux

Password Attacks

for the password attack methods, the framework contains mainly two tools. The first one is Cupp and BruteX which is able to perform automatic brute force attacks.

Install fsociety in kali linux

Wireless Testing

For wireless testing purposes, this framework contains mainly three tools.

  • The first one is reaver which implements a brute force attack against Wifi Protected Setup (WPS) registrar PINs. 
  • Pixiewps is a tool written in C used to brute-force offline the WPS PIN. 
  • The last tool is the Bluetooth Honeypot GUI Framework that provides to monitor the attacks using the Graphical User Interface

Install fsociety in kali linux

Sniffing and Spoofing

There are many tools available in this Framework for Sniffing and Spoofing. SEToolkit is available to perform social engineering attacks. SSLtrip may be used in Man in the Middle attack.

Web Hacking

In this section, there is a lot of tools available. You can use all of them as per your need. Some of them which are very famous tools are File upload checker, WordPress exploit scanner.

Conclusion: Using this framework, you can get most of the tool required while doing an attack. This framework contains lots of preinstalled tool that can be used and it’s very easy to install.

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