Hello Guys, as we know that WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most  Famous App for cross-platform messaging, Voice and Video calling features. It allows the user to send the messages, images, video & documents. It has over billions of active users.In this post, I’ll tell some exciting WhatsApp tricks that everyone should know and use WhatsApp like a pro. So let’s start

1. Spoofing the Read Receipt

Read receipt is one of the best feature of WhatsApp. After enabling this feature, any WhatsApp user can read the received message without showing bluetick to the sender. If you are a sender, then you can’t ensure that the receiver is really not reading your message or just ignoring you. To ensure that, Here is the trick.

  • Open WhatsApp and send an audio as small as possible(nearly 1-2 sec )
  • Now as soon as the receiver will open the audio file, you will get bluetick on that
  • By this method, you can ensure that someone is really not reading your message or just ignoring you

2. Read the deleted message

Recently, WhatsApp has released a feature in which if you have sent a message accidentally, then you can delete it immediately. This feature is available for personal as well as for group. But sometime it may be possible that someone has sent you a message and deleted immediately and it’s important to read that message. Then it’s possible to read the deleted message with this simple trick

  • Download the WhatsRemoved app from play store and give it all the permission
  • Next time when someone will delete any message, then you can read the deleted message with this app

3. Enable Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification is an another step to secure our account. In this process, if someone has your password, then he has to proceed an another step to get the access of your account. In the case of WhatsApp, we have to enter a PIN code for the Two-Step verification process. By enabling the Two-step verification, when someone has access to verification OTP from WhatsApp, then he can’t access your account until he has to enter the Two-Step verification code.  To enable two-step verification in WhatsApp, follow the below steps

  • Open WhatsApp, go to the Setting>Accounts>Two-step verification
  • and then Enable it

4. Text Formatting

In WhatsApp, you can use the different types of the text format like., If you want to bold a text then simply add * at start and end of the text. If you want to create strikethrough for a text simply add (~) at start and end of the text.

5. Use WhatsApp as bookmark keeper

How much it will be useful to use your WhatsApp as a bookmark keeper. Yes, you can use your WhatsApp as your personal bookmark keeper in which you can keep your links, bookmarks as well. For this

  • Create a Group with your single friend
  • Now remove that friend and be alone in that group
  • Now you can keep your links secure in this group
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